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You MUST hear this CD

FYI to anyone that doesn’t have a clue and needs one — the new Girl Talk CD just came out at midnight. It’s called ‘Feed the Animals’ and it’s a 40-minute mashup of over 300 songs — you’ll know at least 100 of them. If you need a work-out mix, this is it. If you need to dance your face off, this is the CD.

No sophomore slump here — get his last one ‘Night Ripper’ if you like this one.

The new one is free or pay-what-you-want. IT’S AMAZING! I wish everyday was a Girl Talk CD Release party!!!

  • Daniel

    Steve – massive thanks for the lead on this – what a superb album. Makes me want to be a DJ!

  • f00fighter

    Hey Steve – I “purchased” this release for $10 and it was money well spent! I wasn’t familiar with 90% of the hip hop and rap vocals that feature prominently throughout this album, but I knew 100% of the backing songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s that provide the backdrop for these mashups. This is a fantastic CD and I look forward to more from this artist – I gotta check out his back-catalog now! Thanks for the heads-up on this one!