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Yahoo/AOL – I called it last week

Yahoo! AOLI called it last week โ€” a Yahoo/AOL merger potential. I disagree with Arrington that Yahoo needs to compete with Google; I think they are going in a different direction. If they team with AOL, then they have so many weapons in the battle for behavioral display advertising โ€” and access to probably 65% (?) of the eyeballs on the web [via pageviews; just like Google commands that via search queries].

Match them up with the ISPs to anonymously track each user and youโ€™re doing some real damage with behavioral display advertising (super high CPMs).

  • Lydon

    Ha! I must say Steve, when I saw the post on TC after reading your post last week I was very impressed!

  • impNERD

    IMO Yahoo has been going down hill for the past few years, along with AOL. A down falling company ‘saving’ another down falling company doesn’t make much marketing sense unless they do plan something like this.

    AOLs dial-up service is everything but dead ATM. Broadband is the way of the future and the only places that don’t have broadband and are forced to use dial-up, AOL isn’t there either (or if they are, it is a long distance phone number or there is a better, cheaper option). So more than likely a different ISP will be used. And without Time Warner that’s all AOL is, dial-up.

    The only reason why any of the other services are used are as a result of providing internet access. AIM of course is used, but that will soon decline as well if something else isn’t done.

    If Yahoo does indeed buy them, Yahoo can just as easily quit their partnership with AT&T and add DSL to AOL. A whole new ballgame is open. Then they can easily integrate AIM with Yahoo Messenger. All of the sudden they control around 75% of messenger and are #1 in providing internet.

    Begin to integrate Yahoo’s and AOLs other services like sports, email, etc. and BAM! Tons of users, tons of content, tons of data.

    Now if only Yahoo could get YPN/YSM to work better ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe all that data would help, but one would figure they already have enough to determine ads to be shown.

  • Vikas

    Behavioral Targeting? Yahoo owns so many properties and has access to so much data already for each individual user that there’s little preventing it from doing it right now. I use and there’s tons of info in there for them to tell who I am and yet – I have hardly seen an ad in there that I felt like clicking on.
    If Y! cannot use their own data to do any better, whats the point of collecting more.
    They do get a lead in the IM market and a majority of page-views, but the challenge for them is not eyeballs, its how to make money.

  • Bo Price

    Good call.

    I’m a few days late for giving props but when I read your prev post it had me thinking. Then when I read the recent news I thought I’d check back with you to see what else you had to say…

    think you can help me out with the lotto….

    great site…just RSS’d you