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Why the iPhone SUCKS. Anyone have Cell Phone recommendations?

So I bought one of those trendy iPhone’s — and I signed up for a huge plan with AT&T, and I also signed up for their data plan [so I can connect my laptop when I’m anywhere — visiting my Dad, at a conference, at the airport, etc].

I’m now finding out first-hand about the limitations of the iPhone. First off, there’s no MMS support?! I just found this out — I mean, is this for serious!? When a friend sends a photo or video, I get this cheesy text message saying to visit and then it includes the craziest username and password. WHAT?! Oh, it gets better – I CAN’T EVEN CLICK THE LINK. Wait, better yet — I CAN’T EVEN CONNECT TO THE WEBSITE FROM MY IPHONE!!! Honestly, this is the worst user-experience I may have ever seen in my life.

Wow, seriously? Next — It doesn’t record video? Um… WHAT? I’ve had an LG phone for like 3 years that does video.

Next — The earpiece sucks — I can’t hear shit. And apparently, when I speak to people, they hear EVERYTHING that’s within 20 feet of me.

Next — The Internet speed/connection. I don’t know — but it seems to suck. I read comments that the ‘Edge’ network is crap. I’m curious whether Verizon or Sprint’s is better?

I also hear I should prepare for this battery to go to crap.

So does anyone have a recommendation for a phone? Fred Wilson loves his Curve, but then Jay Parkhill tells me he doesn’t like it.

Here’s what I want to do:

  • Easily send/receive photos and videos from my phone to any one on any carrier via MMS.
  • Take video.
  • Take photos.
  • Easily get the photos/videos off my phone [via USB or zip file in my online account].
  • Easily transfer/restore my contacts.
  • Access the web — and thus, webpages.
  • Easily record audio — a voice recorder on the phone.
  • Easy to hear people when I speak to them. The person I’m speaking too can easily hear me.

I’m also in the market for a data plan so I can hook my laptop up to the Internet. Sprint, Verizon, or should I stick with AT&T?

As for the cell phone, should I be getting a Blackberry?

Thanks for any suggestions/tips — even if it’s too warn me about lack of features on a certain phone.

  • Tony

    Look into a Blackberry. I have the Curve (with wi-fi) through T-mobile… has generous data plans. The wi-fi isn’t the speediest but let’s you get unlimited minutes when calls are made at wi-fi spots, great for work or home. Reviews at amazon:

    You can copy/paste, use Opera Mini, has MMS, decent camera, has a great Gmail app and other apps you can download from Google:

    I do like the beautiful display of the iPhone but until it uses something better than Edge like 3G, I’m content with the Blackberry.

  • maique

    i’m quite happy with the nokia n95 8gb, it does almost everything.
    plenty of memory and loads of 3rd party software.
    gps, mms, camera (brilliant), does video, uploads to a lot of places with ease, web, 3.5g…

    i’m still waiting for the iphone’s 3g version, and then i will start thinking about one of those.

  • blendahtom

    Hi Steve..

    I love my helio ocean it cruises on fast 3G network via Sprint or verizion depending on where your at..I use the opera 4 mini browser and love’s youtube app is amazing.. good cam and video capabilities muiltiple email clients and im clients…

    As far as a data plan goes .it rocks.. $99 all u can use can’t go wrong.

    plus the dual slider is slick for biz applications.

    my. 02


    p.s – Done on my Ocean

  • Jeff Raab

    Steve – i’m trading in my Palm Treo 700w as soon as Verizon starts carrying the Blackberry Curve. The iPhone is actually quite terrible for people who rely on their phone for business. A number of my colleagues just switched from the iPhone to BlackBerry.

  • Bo

    I’ve been using the curve and will not complain. I’ve had it for a couple of months and I’m making some transitions from another pda to cut back on pocket space. There’s probably available apps I haven’t gotten into yet but I use google for what I need. (docs, mail, rss, news, etc etc) I stay online with it and never have a problem. Some slowness here and there but its a hand held so what do you expect. Even with that said i’m never scared to update a few of my blogs or twitter. Photo capture is great and the mms is lovely…(my girl sends me GREAT pics all the time). the time ive saved by being able to go through email has been extra nice.

    I havent played to much with the iPhone but it looks more like a toy than a tool. plus how is it on punching in the letters. a stylus…ugh that would probably drive me crazy.

  • blendahtom


    Take a look at the Helio Ocean .. it piggybacks on Sprint and Verizon’s 3g Network .. I use the Opera Mini 4 browser on it and it ROCKS!! They have the best youtube client period of any cellphone on the market.

    I pay $109 for all you can eat plan and love it.. I get service no matter where I am at due to the ability to use Verizon or Sprint.

    I use AIM/MSN/YIM as well as Gmail/AOL/Yahoo/MSN/Outlook etc.. for mail clients. Built in Google Maps w/ GPS and Buddy Becon.

    And the dual slider is pimp.. great for a smart phone user!

  • chris

    Aloha Steve,

    I would suggest that you jail break your phone. You will be much more happy with it. All the things you have listed you wanted to do can be done with a jail broken iPhone. Check out my site as I wrote a blog post on my experiences and what applications I think are important to me.

    I have to be honest, I felt the same way as you did a few months ago. But now I am 90% satisfied with the iPhone. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more info.


  • dave

    i got an iphone as well. I dont hate it as much as you, but it def has limitations. the software update in may/june will solve most of my problems though (havent wanted to take the jailbreak plunge).

    as far as internet speed, i have to agree (without wifi). a buddy of mine has sprint i was shocked its crazy fast. he even has an application that allows him to use his cellular network to send out a wifi, so people around him can connect wireless. its amazing.

    at the same time though, he handed me his phone, and the screen just can compare, neither can the interface (multi touch screen)…