What it takes to become Mayor of the City of Buffalo


This is by no means a comprehensive post, but rather some info I found on the Internet after researching the mayor position in the City of Buffalo, and what it would take to win. Pretty interesting stuff.

“This city needs someone with passion for Buffalo and WNY.. Not a career politician..”

I found the 2009 election results for Buffalo Mayor. A total of a mere 26,464 voters determined this city’s fate — of 500,000 eligible voters. 77,000 voters are between the ages of 21-29, and 252,000 are between 30-55 (I wish this was broken down better).

Of the 26,464, Mickey Kearns wasn’t even on the ballot — he was a write-in, thus only got 158 votes. There were 8,578 votes that were ‘blank, void or scattering’ (blows my mind that 1/3 of the voters’ votes weren’t even counted!), and the remaining ~16,000 votes went to Byron Brown. [source]

In 2007 Pittsburgh, 67,000 total votes cast with 43,000 went to Luke, the kid. [source]

Some good questions by citizens of Buffalo for the mayor during last election are here (aside from the MLB/NBA tangent).

Someone that was attempting to run in 2009 and their message: http://www.changebuffalo.org/

What powers does the Mayor have?

How do you run for an elective office in Buffalo?  and the official “book“.

There is also the thought that Buffalo should reform to a ‘City Manager’ system instead.