WeBothLike Announced; Interviewed at CenterNetworks


WeBothLike (temporary logo)The cat is out of the bag — Ringside Startup is turning into WeBothLike. I’ve teamed up with Dave Squires (programmer) and we’re executing on the idea of WeBothLike (originally titled ‘LikeLoveOrHate.com’).

We’ll be blogging this start-up journey at http://blog.webothlike.com (grab RSS feed) with the panel of original advisors chiming in throughout the process with their valuable insight.

Below is an excerpt from the interview at CenterNetworks regarding what the business idea is. Read the rest of the interview for some more background on Ringside Startup and WeBothLike.

Basically the idea of WeBothLike.com is to connect like-minded people — people that have the same interests. You’ll go to the website and answer questions, as many as you want. The more you answer, the more profile data we have on you — and the more we can contrast you with others in our system, and match you up with them (not necessarily for dating, but just to find new friends or for business networking). The simplicity of the question/answering system will be like HotOrNot.com — but you’re not judging people; you’ll be asked like “What do you feel about College Football?” with options of ‘love’, ‘like’, ‘hate’, ‘don’t care’. You’ll click an answer, then on next page you’ll see another question — with the left-column showing you how others answered that question [37% love college football; 12% hate it; 15% don’t care; 36% like it] and it will then show you some profiles of people that matched up with your answer.

The viral effect is that people will grab a widget and put it on their webpage — then if someone is browsing the site, and is also a member of WeBothLike, then it’ll show.. “We Both Like…” with different things that both users like, love or hate.