Web 2.0 Innovation enters Deadpool


This was a post I started writing April 25 of this year, I never finished it, but thought I’d post it now.

Alternative title to this post: Web 2.0 Dust Settles. Enterprises wondering how do we now use this stuff in our businesses?

This year’s Web 2.0 Expo (in SF) had a completely different vibe than last year’s event. The innovation in Web 2.0 is in the deadpool. That’s obviously not all true, but for an entrepreneur/innovator like me, the crazy chaotic mess of innovation has gone through its’ whirlwind and settled down a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel we’re at the very beginning of innovation, but you all know it’s not as whack as it was in the early days of TechCrunch. Mobile will bring us a ton of new early-day TechCrunch craziness in the coming years. (In fact, I’m shocked no one has stepped up with a blog that is the early-day TechCrunch blog for Mobile applications/startups)

I’ll be honest, this past year has been much of a yawner for me in “Web 2.0”. What was interesting at Web2Expo was Enterprise — but not in terms of Enterprise-specific applications. Enterprises sent many representatives to the conference and they were all collectively saying, “OK, you entrepreneurs/innovators have screwed around enough — and you found some things that don’t work, and found others that do work. Now how do we integrate those things that do work into our own businesses to increase profits and maximize efficiencies?”

And as Allen Stern and I just discussed, Enterprises = Money. If the Web 2.0 companies that are left standing can learn how to adapt their businesses in someway to Enterprises, they’ll be tapping into some large pools of capital.