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Web 2.0 Buy/Sell Tips

I’m linking to this post from the website to provide people with a place to post links to help buyers and sellers of websites/domains/etc.

Please post any links to sites/posts that may discuss website costs — such as how someone should buy (or sell) — based on # of subscribers, unique visitors, pageviews, etc. What’s the going rate for cost per visitor? What’s the easiest way to transfer a website — escrow? What about time for due diligence? How much time is typical? What should be handed over during due diligence? What are some NDA type legal documents that could be used during a sale? Where are some other sources to buy/sell a website?

Also, here are some banners if you’d like to help promote the website. Don’t forget that you can become an affiliate, grab the widget they provide (which lists the last 5 posts and embeds your affiliate code) and earn $5 per listing that comes from your website.

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