VIDMETER: Still Early, A Competitor Should Launch


vidmeter.jpgI’m fascinated by Vidmeter and feel there is so much potential for that site. I was checking out their widget, which displays the top 10 videos — but it’s either an IFRAME or in javascript… that’s a no-go for MySpace profiles.

I’d implement something a la the MyBlogLog MySpace widget code, which uses static images — I’d have each user have 10 static images, which display specific thumbnails (and text regarding the thumbnail, but the text is in the image itself). See the post that Lijit co-founder did regarding this.

There must also be a way to do something specific to the user regarding top-ranked videos — not just a general top 10, but possibly the last 10 videos the user watched … or last 10 the user really loved. Maybe social networking involved, so you could see the top 10 videos watched by your friends / network.

I think you try to tap into the market of users as browsers, not producers of online video content. How do you get people that browse/view videos, to promote the content?

I believe it’s still early that someone could launch a competitor to Vidmeter and grab some of the pie. Particularly if you can get kids competing somehow — getting them each to embrace a widget, which either shows off their favorites (compared to the aggregate video crowd — maybe the users can select which videos they think will get the most views this week; and earn points; then they are “#33 out of 78,948 users to choose the most popular videos”).

What other ways could the kiddies be competing for clout in the MySpace world, regarding videos? What would drive you to put an embed on your MySpace page — top 10 videos, videos that your friends are watching, comments by your friends on specific videos, …?