The Sports Stadium/Arena as a Platform

Since my SXSW trip where I saw a presentation by Populous, the company that works on new stadiums, I’ve been thinking about how the stadium should be a platform. The stadium should have tons of cameras, lights, LEDs on stairways, LEDs everywhere, sensors on field, audio sensors, seats w/vibration ability, and much much more that I can’t possibility think of.
If the stadium is the platform, then startups/companies can build “apps” (in a sense) on-top of the platform, to enrich the fan experience. Those companies would be able to do things on the platform that we couldn’t possibly fathom, to provide the best fan experience in the *world*.
That’s been on my mind for the new Buffalo Bills stadium.
I haven’t seen anyone talk about the stadium as a platform and what I’m talking about doesn’t just affect the in-game fan experience, there’d be startups innovating the at-home experience — sensors in the field, sensors in uniforms, video cameras focused on specific players, 3D stuff, AI, etc.
Buffalo would be the innovator and the rest of the league would be jealous until they got their arenas up to par. Buffalo would be an attraction/destination for those startups innovating the fan experience since they’d be working with the most state-of-the-art stadium in the world.
Talk about a future Super Bowl bid.