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The Best Viral Idea I May Have Ever Seen

Birthday Alarm. You go to the website, it crawls through your address book, sends out an email to all your friends and simply asks them for their birthday. Free sign-up, or users pay $14/yr to have ecards they can send to those friends.

Such a simple idea. Has 50mm users right now grossing $4mm revenues/year. Had 50mm more users years ago — might not be an opportunity to get those other 50mm (given Facebook, Bebo, MySpace these days), but I think there is the opportunity still.

More info at TechCrunch.

  • IdeaTagger

    I thought exactly the same thing when I read about Birthday Alarm on TechCrunch yesterday. It is owned by the guys behind Bebo and I wonder how many of their 100 million users at the time were used to seed Bebo.

    It is also further proof that not everything online has to be free.

  • dave

    if it was a facebook app. i would def hop on. couldnt be bothered to give my entire address book to another website…

    speaking of super clever vrial site, i just came across this: