Startup Idea #137: Buy Local


Imagine a search engine like, but all the products are sold by all the local retailers. So instead of having something shipped from, it gets shipped or picked up or dropped off by a local retailer — maybe they’d even price match if purchased through this site only, and not via the own local retailer’s site or in-location.

Keep the money local!

If Buffalo had all products indexed, this could happen.

Startup Idea #127: Spotted


Simple idea, iOS app, I’d charge $0.99. App has one button “spotted” that you press when you see a cop.

Fuzz Alert app exists and appears to be similar.

Push or audio notifications when you are near an area with a recent spot, or a typical area of spots.

When a notification happens, it asks user spotted or not spotted, which helps keep the data updated for that point, and also whether the reporting user was for real or not. Maybe give points and ability for people to thank others. Maybe reporting spotted after a notification automatically thanks people.

IDEA #126: Marketplace for Doing Good


Congrats to Matt Galligan (@mg) and Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) on their launch of 1% Of Nothing (@1percentof) , an initiative for startups to allocate 1% of equity to a non-profit of their choice, which isn’t used unless an acquisition occurs. Thus the non-profit is also pulling for your startup to be a success!

Part of this initiative is the ability for companies to donate 1% of labor as well if they want (or more).

That got me thinking- it is really difficult to know where you could donate your time to help someone or a non-profit out. I am sure there are elders, single moms, and more that could use a paint job on their house, or a door fixed, or other help around the house, or building, or volunteer help, or pets taken care of while someone is in a hospital, etc.

It would be great if there was a marketplace of needs (aka haha), but specific to causes and doing good.

In my city of Buffalo NY a few years ago, our quarterback at the time JP Losman led a local initiative to clean-up Buffalo. On a Saturday, the turn-out was unbelievable. I would say 1000 people turned out, buses were ready to drop people off at various areas of the city. Gloves, rakes and garbage bags were available for free. Everyone got a shirt and a couple Bills players participated and kids could get pictures and autographs.

It was an amazing initiative that brought our city together to do good. I was later reminded of it when that Home Makeover show came to buffalo an 50-100 people helped not only the one house, but homes on the entire block of that home!

It would be great to know where I could help. It would be a way to meet people and do good around my city.

I think every city should have a marketplace of help needs.