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Startup Idea #137: Buy Local

TweetImagine a search engine like, but all the products are sold by all the local retailers. So instead of having something shipped from, it gets shipped or picked up or dropped off by a local retailer — maybe they’d even price match if

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Startup Idea #127: Spotted

TweetSimple idea, iOS app, I’d charge $0.99. App has one button “spotted” that you press when you see a cop. Fuzz Alert app exists and appears to be similar. Push or audio notifications when you are near an area with a recent spot, or a

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IDEA #126: Marketplace for Doing Good

TweetCongrats to Matt Galligan (@mg) and Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) on their launch of 1% Of Nothing (@1percentof) , an initiative for startups to allocate 1% of equity to a non-profit of their choice, which isn’t used unless an acquisition occurs. Thus the non-profit is also