Start-up Roadmap?


I received a question from someone that I thought was a good one:

After doing some research and a lot of googling I´ve a lot of resources in
different areas (customer development, project managment, agile development,
business plans, etc). I feel frustrated trying to glue all this together in
a practical order so that I can feel I have a horizon (a road map) to start
with. Is there such a thing ?

I sent this out to a few people to see what recommendations they’d give. Brad Feld said “If there is, it’s useless. There’s not a roadmap for starting a company – just a zillion little pieces to put together in unique ways each time.”

I agree with that, but having some kind of outline to help you consider those zillion little pieces, would be good — even though not every start-up will have to consider the parts.

Dave McClure said, “I agree with Brad that every journey is unique, but there are probably a few places that can help speed you along the path. You might try as one resource, as another.

Fred & Brad‘s blogs are also great places to start. Don’t know how much of the old Garage site is still around, but Guy Kawasaki‘s blog might also have some useful refs.”

David Cohen of TechStars chimed in and recommended Guy’s book The Art of the Start, which is “one book that seems fairly timeless. This will at least give you a good list of things to think about. Obviously, it will never be comprehensive to a particular startup.”

Here’s a link to some presentations by Guy’s for building a company.

Any other good resources? Please list them in the comments.

Thanks Brad, David, and Dave for the input.