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Social Good Startup Idea #133: Kickstarter for Neighborhood Initiatives

This is a simple idea really, although probably could use its’ own website to help facilitate/coordinate. What about using Kickstarter (which is a website for crowd-funding ideas) and utilize it for neighborhood initiatives, such as painting a house, fixing someone’s roof, etc. Essentially helping thy neighbor.

This could simply be that one person leads the way for getting someone’s house painted that can’t afford it. Maybe $500 is needed for the paint and supplies, and 10 people are needed. I believe people locally would contribute financially if they couldn’t be there in real life to help.

Think of it as a crowd-sourced (and on a smaller-scale) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, for communities.

I believe these types of activities simply benefit everyone — you feel great about helping someone, you meet others helping, the recipient feels grateful with their new/refreshed *insert whatever here, such as Home*.

And/or mowing lawns, snowplowing driveways.

My belief is that there’s a lot of elderly and single Mothers out there that could use some help, as I’m sure many other people.

I find it amazing that most of us don’t know our neighbors.