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Script Sought: Web Address Error Redirect Service

I’m looking for a script that does DNS/Domain error redirect. Thus, a toolbar is running in my browser, and when I input a URL that has a DNS problem, the toolbar throws my query to this script on a web server, and then presents me with suggestions (links, ppc ads, etc).

Roadrunner has it – here’s an example. See how they do spelling correction and try to determine what the user was seeking?

Anyone know of a script out there that does this?

Update: I found some answers, but not a script that I can just purchase. “NXD” means non-existent domain. Yahoo uses Simplicita (Sandvine now). Barefruit is another — and their wikipedia entry lists: Some of Barefruit’s competitors in the DNS error space include Nomimun (the founders of BIND), Paxfire, Golog, Simplicita (recently acquired by Sandvine) and OpenDNS.