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Prediction: Al Gore to Run for President (again) in 2012

This is no April Fool’s Day joke — if I could bet money on this, I would. While Bush is f’ing up the country, Gore is looking like a godsend, even if it’s just one of a flurry of issues: Global Warming. Gore just announced a $300mm ad blitz with a non-profit climate group.

I saw him on TV yesterday parading around like he was already running for the presidency. Al has another four years to prep, then you’ll see him on the ballot for another run at it.


    If Mr. Gore was to run for President in 2012 he as a 100% chance to win if he was to lay off of gun control and aboration. Abortion is a sin. thank you joe

  • jen robinson

    al gore should run for president for 2012 since presently the one in the whitehouse dc is play acting out with the budget, on the run race in not know if he has the nerve and can handle it.

  • Epblvd

    I would love to see Al Gore run, and win, in 2012. He already received enough votes to win :)

  • Mecklen

    I’m liking the idea of Gore running in ’12, possibly with Bill Clinton as his running mate.