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IDEAS #104: Turntable features and revenues

Tweet Following up from my ‘The New Early-Adoptor Addiction: Turntable‘ post on TechCrunch, these are some brainstormed revenue ideas for Turntable, and more. What do you want to see from them? Virtual goods for points: (obviously they could sell points packages too) Access to unreleased

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Startup Homeruns

Tweet I go for homeruns, not singles. I want to knock it out of the park. The problem with that is homeruns are very high risk. The chance of a homerun is significantly lower than simply getting on first base. I don’t want to stop

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Disappointed by #TCDisrupt Startups — this is disruption?

Tweet I’m unimpressed so far at this year’s startups launching at TechCrunch Disrupt. It’s not just this year though, it’s been all years. It’s not TechCrunch’s fault, it’s mine. I know why I’m unimpressed — I’m sitting here watching the launch announcements and waiting to see the