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MyFavorites — my latest startup

MyFavorites Well folks, hopefully this is finally “the one”. Over 3 years of ideas and executions on various ideas (that have since been executed themselves — in an electric chair)…. have all come full circle into this. We’re not ready to show you it yet, but we’re busy hacking away on it and I’m pumped.

Go head over to the site to signup for the beta. We plan to launch publicly/beta by SXSW in March 2011, but we’ll be leaking out some beta invite codes here and there, so get on the list.

Follow us on Twitter as well.

  • Cary Computer Networking

    A lot of people has taken advantage of what the mobile industry has to offer. As an IPhone owner, I like browsing through the Free Games, and other Free Apps. But mostly its the Free Games categories (lol). Since the release of the IPhone, Apple has opened up a whole new world of marketing and advertising.