“Make something people want” -Paul Graham (@paulg) #TCDisrupt


Paul Graham blew me away yesterday in his live “Office Hours” segment on TechCrunch Disrupt. Every single entrepreneur needs to see this. There could likely be a book of 1,000 questions by Paul to entrepreneurs that would be very valuable to every entrepreneur– here are some from these sessions; priceless. Paul has interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs by now and knows exactly what to ask and how to morph (and gut) an idea into something better.

He spends roughly 6 minutes with each entrepreneur, hearing about their idea/business, and he ends up twisting these startup ideas into what could be gold [although a couple of these don’t stand a chance even then]. Very interesting to see the entrepreneurs — and how they can become obsessed with an idea and their view on how to execute on it, but viewers and Paul don’t see it as a problem to be fixed — or as too focused (or not focused enough).

Here are some quotes by Paul from these sessions and when he was interviewed by Charlie Rose at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 NYC:

  • “Founder typically builds a product that they wanted.”
  • “So important to understand your users.”
  • “Build something for which you are the user.”
  • “Don’t make one of these awesome services that is in search of a problem.”
  • “People will seek out a start-up if you have what people desperately need.”
  • “If you launch and are hugely successful, and it’s 1-year later. What is the biggest use case you see happening?”
  • “What is the worst problem in your life? Go solve that.”

Watch the ~40minute video here.