It’s Time for Twitter Premium Accounts


Former TechCrunch writer Nick Gonzalez’s post “Who Owns Your Social Media Accounts“, as a reply to my Twitter Needs Better Username Policy (the ‘celtics’ fiasco), got me thinking…

This is the perfect opportunity for Twitter to start with Premium accounts. Charging whatever the price may be — $3/mo or $3/yr for example. The user then locks in their Twitter username and similar rules that govern domains are applied. First come, first served — and of course an arbitrator if there’s a trademark conflict.

A Twitter username can serve as an identity to someone, just as a phone number does. As Nick mentions, it’d be a cruel world if the phone company just swiped your cell phone number and changed it on you — wouldn’t it?

The question still remains, if my ‘celtics’ account had been all about Celtic Knots, would Twitter have confiscated my username and handed it over to the Boston Celtics NBA team? [Are they even sure it is the Boston Celtics NBA team, and not just some other person out there pretending to be them?]