Imagine how many people can’t type fast. Now imagine Siri on a desktop Mac. #gamechanger


MG (@parislemon) has a good write-up on TechCrunch about why Siri is a big deal. Apple is shying away from marketing the hell out of this feature because it’s in “beta” — aka, it’s not fully ready. It’ll be fully ready in a year or whatever, likely once the software learns so many words from the millions of users that will be using it daily with their iPhone 4S’s. And once it is fully baked, the thing no one is talking about is the obvious game changer here: The desktop computer.

I can type lots of words per minute, but I watch my parents and other struggle to type fast. It’s a serious pain point.

When a Mac comes out (I’m going to guess before Christmas 2012) with full Siri integration, watch out world. Although users will likely still use voice commands of “Google for ……..”, if they were to use voice commands of “Search the web for ………”, then Google should be put on notice.