I’m a Mac, I’m a PC – Halloween Costumes Idea


For all those late stragglers that need a Halloween costume — my buddy Rob and I pulled off the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” costumes last week. See the pic below. I got those 2 signs printed at Kinko’s for hardly anything – here’s a link to the PDF files for printing. I made the Mac one glossy and sexy, whereas the PC one was dull and boring. My buddy Rob was the Mac, and basically he’d question what I was doing — so I was the stunt man the whole night. He’d also throw little quirky things at me through the night. I just played an awkward guy a lot of the time — it was great meeting people I didn’t know and staying in character; complete awkwardness. Here are some ideas during the night:

  • In a setting of girls — PC says, “You girls should come home with me tonight”. Mac says, “Yeah, you really shouldn’t. Have to watch out for those viruses.”
  • As PC, I had “Airborne” on me — when I pulled it out, Mac would say, “PC, what you got there?” And I’d explain that it was my preventative attempt at fighting off viruses.
  • As PC, I’d start sneezing and coughing – Mac would ask what’s up, and I’d say I have a virus.
  • As PC, I’d be doing something, like bending down, or about to sip my drink, in a social setting — and then I’d just freeze for a few moments. Then snap out of it, “Had a system freeze right there”.
  • Windows blue screen of death — I had posterboard that said this and “An Illegal Operation Occurred”.
  • On the flipside of my “I’m a PC” card, it said “Windows is booting up…”
  • I thought a ‘kick me’ sign on my back would have been good — was trying to think of something better in relation to a PC, something dorky. “reBOOT me” might have been good.
  • Sometimes I’d fall to the floor in the fetal position, then awaken out of it and go back to what I was doing. That was a restart.
  • If we were doing shots or another drink, Mac might ask if I had done a virus scan on the glasses.
  • As PC, bring a deck of cards. Go in the corner and start playing Solitaire. Mac can then say, “PC, what are you doing? You’re at a party with tons of people, and you’re sitting in solidarity?!” PC – “I’m playing Solitaire, it’s one of America’s favorite past times on the PC”.
  • As PC, I had a briefcase that had all my props for the evening.

Any other ideas? I’m doing this costume again this coming Saturday.