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IDEAS #104: Turntable features and revenues

Following up from my ‘The New Early-Adoptor Addiction: Turntable‘ post on TechCrunch, these are some brainstormed revenue ideas for Turntable, and more. What do you want to see from them?
Virtual goods for points: (obviously they could sell points packages too)
  • Access to unreleased songs and exclusive remixes
  • More user avatars
  • Stickers for your laptop
  • Laptop skins (maybe with upsell to buy the real one)
  • Real turntables
  • Filter effects on songs as if you remixed it a little (bass effect, treble effect, etc)
  • Laser light show
  • Dry ice
  • Glow sticks if in the crowd
  • Lighter if in the crowd
  • Chains for your neck
  • Ability to drop your own nickname audio over a beat like DJ Clue (“DJ PoPo”) or other predefined clips (“bounce!”, “get up!”, “how’s everyone doing?”)
  • Other accessories for your room (poles, cages)
  • Different room themes (bar, club, country bar, dive bar)
  • Different wallpaper for the room
  • Hats for avatars (NewEra sponsored?)
  • Eggs to throw at the DJ
  • Blow kisses at the DJ
  • Sponsored rooms by Bacardi (thx Scott Sage)
  • UGC if integrated with SoundCloud (thx Scott Sage)
  • Projector that displays music videos of the songs playing
  • Any other ways of personalizing the experience

Other ideas:

  • I wish if were to boot someone off the stage, you could do it in the style of the 2min mark of Guy Ritchie’s video for ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by Prodigy:
  • Charts: Similar artists; popular tracks by this artist
  • Once an iPhone app exists, I see parties with my friends revolving around a few of us sharing the DJing responsibilities. A monitor or TV could display full-screen the song title and artist, along with the DJ name/avatar.

What are your ideas?


  • Emmanuel Bellity

    Good ideas ! I’ve given mine on their feedback section…

    I think the gaming mechanics could be improved and that more people in the audience should get a chance to DJ rather than waiting hours for a DJ to leave. For example there could be one seat that’s constantly rolling.

    Also the DJ points could be used more, so that only the best DJs can entertain big crowds and bad ones be ejected.

    I’m sure that some DJs will get very influential in large rooms, like a radio host, but they won’t be paid for their work. So why not imagine some revenue sharing for broadcasting something to that crowd ? (could be a small audio ad, or a “try this website” shouted musically instead of “I’m DJ Popo”, or for playing a song from an unknown artist who want to be discovered…)

  • Hassan M Hassan

    All those ideas are awesome! I mainly want multiple playlists that allows me to juggle different genres, thus being able to hop from room to room smoothly

  • Zacharias Fisches

    Your articles about really make me excited! It’s exactly what I was waiting for although I could have never come up with the idea myself. Please do me a favor and click to help me join Turntable…

  • Chase Granberry

    Integrate the Rdio API!

  • Charles Gruener

    I could see a “Deadmau5” concert on turntable. Have him actually DJ and be invite only, etc. Promote the hell out of that before hand. That and RSS feeds of room info and shareable playlists.

  • Steve Poland

    Chuck just had another idea: turntable needs DJ competitions – bracket style.

    I added to the idea: In a room of like 100 people, who stays on the decks? You cant screw up the vibe… when a round is done, whomever has lowest ‘awesomes’ gets da boot. Every round.

  • Andrew Cohen

    Better networking among the people in the room. I think that’s almost as powerful of a feature as the music/DJing itself.

    For starters, show a 140-character bio (+location) for each user when you mouse over them. Maybe have a pop-out box showing everyone in the room with their bio & location. Perhaps even a world map infographic showing the distribution of everyone in there.

  • Kristopher Robillard

    For the metal fans (like myself) as people begin to think your song is awesome “mosh pits” start…..and to take it to the next level if say 85% do like it then a “wall of death” erupts

  • Kristopher Robillard

    As well as just a general music lover I have different musical tastes to be able to sort my musical preferences so when i join another room i don’t have to scroll through all of my tracks to find a musical genre

  • Zacharias Fisches


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    wonderful set of ideas keep them coming