IDEA: Plugin to Sync Listening of a Song with Friends

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I use iTunes when I listen to songs. My buddy listens using Winamp. We both have and PC’s. We have similar music collections, if not same songs here and there.

We like to instant message [IM] each other and listen to songs or entire albums together. He’s in Virginia, I’m in Buffalo.

To do this, we both IM each other and say “ok – hit play – NOW”. We do that, then we IM each other to get each other sync’d up – “10 secs”, “20 secs”, then we are basically in sync.

I WISH IT WAS EASIER. In fact, I wish I could just “tune in” to his music player. It wouldn’t even have to stream the song to me if I already have the same song on my computer, it just needs to start playing the song exactly sync’d with his.

This seems like a plugin that we could both install — like, sitting in our system tray. Or maybe it needs to be in iTunes and Winamp.

I’d also love the ability for us to basically create a playlist that plays for both of us — let’s say it’s 10 songs long — he’d get to put 5 songs into the queue, and I’d get to put 5 songs in the queue. This way we could expose each other to new songs that we really love.

It’s basically like a radio station with interactivity and customization to just the people [friends] listening. This could be a few of my friends and I doing this together — exposing each other to the same songs.

I don’t know what the revenue model is — but maybe it’s “buy this track”, and if the thing really takes off you’ll probably have influencers and have data on what tracks are getting the most exposure between friends. But hell, I’d personally pay money for this software — but you’d likely need to make it free to gain traction.

Here’s an example IM session between us regarding a new track by Wolf Parade: [pardon the vulgarities]

va: please tell me you know of that song….Kissing the Beehive
i’ve never heard anything fucking like it. just fucking epic.

Steve: i know, great album

va: fuck man!

Steve: alright, i’ll listen to kissing the beehives quick

Steve: and start

Steve: 10 secs

i wish we could easily collaboratively listen

va: yeah we’re synced

Steve: like, i could just “tune in” to your music player easily

va: in the future it will be easier, I’m sure.

this song is easily the best song on this album

Steve: as long as we both have the same song on our machines, it doesnt even need to stream it — just needs to sync us

it’s a simple plugin it seems

va: thing is, how many people WANT that?

Steve: i do.


va: if the demand was there, I’m sure it would have been served already. I want it too. <shrug>

this is one of the best 10 minute songs i’ve ever heard.
what are the 2000’s going to represent to you, in terms of music?
To me, it’s when Indie Rock exploded
and Modern rock died.

Steve: definitely

va: man i LOVE THIS SONG

act II

Steve: do you listen to raconteurs?

va: no.

Steve: you should

va: THIS IS IT BRO!!!!

Steve: this is hot


steve you have to play this loud

Steve: increased volume

va: OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best part!
man if i heard this song live, I’d fuckin’ die.
pink floyd style too

Steve: yeah this is very hot

Sent at 10:45 AM on Wednesday

va: that is how you end an album, my friend.

Wolf Parade.
this ain’t no cheezy ass arcade fire