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IDEA: Must See. Must Hear. Must Read. Must DO!

I just watched An Inconvenient Truth — the movie by(?) Al Gore that is about the impact of Global Warming and what this globe will go through together in next 10 years (and more) if we don’t dramatically change our ways. The facts are just undisputed in this documentary/movie.

The movie is a must see for everyone in this world.

Which got me thinking — considering my last post, in which I claim the book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ is a must read by everyone in this world.

It would be great to have a website (digg-like) that has various categories and encourages people to tell what they feel is Must See, Must Hear, Must Read, or Must Do. Whether it’s stuff to truly help the Environment (recycle; watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’), or help ones-self (stop smoking), or even non-urgent things such as a category called Comedy (must see ‘Little Miss Sunshine’), or Music (must see a ‘Bruce Springsteen’ concert).

Everyone could rally for things they agree with and each day a newsletter could even go out to people with those latest things that reached a ‘tipping point’ relative to the number of users on our Site.

  • Denio

    Well, this is a really good idea, I like this. So there would be a site with MUST stuffs in categories. Everyone could register itself and write a MUST. Then the others give points for that “must”? Anyway.

    If there are too many ideas or MUST stuffs, than you wouldn’t have enough time to read all of them. Maybe the list could start with the best ones (like 4.8, 4.7, 3.5 and so on). Would you describe it a bit more?

  • webmogul

    actually the ‘facts’ have been disputed. there was one scientist who was quoted in that film that has said he was misquoted and not everything he said was included.

    But that is beside the point. I like the must see, must hear, etc. idea. talk about something that could go viral quickly I might just have to build that!

  • Pawlander

    The ‘facts’ in Al Gore’s movie are certainly undisputed IN HIS MOVIE, but they are far from undisputed in the scientific world.

    Thousands of climate scientists dispute his ‘facts’.

    Unless you are politically vested in the global warming ‘crisis,’ and you would genuinely like to see the other side of the argument, I highly recommend the “Deniers” series that has been running in Toronto’s newspaper, The National Post, over the last year or so. When you read the views and CV’s of these world class climate scientists, you will find it very difficult to parrot Al’s ‘consensus’ BS.

  • Ozh

    That’s exactly the purpose of I think.

  • webmogul

    Well, 43things looks more like a goals site. more personal oriented than sharing oriented.

    At leas that is how I see it.

  • dave

    really like this idea….lemme know if incubaker can help get it off the ground.

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  • Olli

    Did you think of something like Amen ?