IDEA FLOW: Comes and Goes


Creativity comes and goes — as any writer, artist, musician, etc, knows. I still have creative web ideas, but sometimes find myself in a niche. Currently, I have a bunch of social networking ideas, SMS / cell phone ideas, and a mix of the two. I apologize if they are all starting to blend together. And as mentioned before, I’m currently fascinated by convergence of the offline (by cell) and online worlds — I think there’s a lot of opportunity there.

I absorb so much information via blogs — that should be enough to turn me in other directions. But currently, it’s not proving to do so. Reading does it for me though — typically books and magazines. I need to find out why I haven’t received a Wired magazine in a couple months, and I need to finish The Long Tail. I subscribe to tons of magazines, but haven’t gotten to them in a while — I’ll work on that this weekend (Rolling Stone, Forbes, Inc., Details, etc). Then we’ll likely see me go down another path.

What gets your creativity flowing? Any good business books you’ve read lately? What magazines do you subscribe to? Anyone see that ‘In Search of Silicon Valley‘ documentary yet?