IDEA #97 – Tagging All Photos with people, places, objects


Fred Wilson discusses a (great!) band that he went out and saw the other night — and he brings up a great idea in it, which seems pretty obvious and I don’t understand why it’s not going on now.

“You’ll probably see a few AVC community members in this photo. Too bad we can’t all tag ourselves in it.
RAA Goodbye

People embed photos all across the web — on their blogs, MySpace pages, Kodak pages, Walgreens pages, Picasa pages, Flickr, etc. Facebook is great with their photo tagging process. Google’s Picasa now lets you do it, but I think the people have to be Google users?

Anyhow, my idea on this would really only be for blogs and it does get hairy. Blog owners would include a snippet of JS on their page — when an image is found, a visitor could click on a part of it and tag it with a user or anything else (celeb; object; etc). But it gets hairy, because it might see any image — even a heading image; so somehow the blog owner would have to designate that the image could be tagged. Then where do the tags come from? Maybe you could tag it with a user from twitter or mybloglog, or any other service that has public users (; disqus)?

Or maybe you use Facebook Connect on your blog pages somehow, and are able to tag the photos with Facebook users? (I don’t even know if that’s feasible).

Maybe this idea isn’t practical at all 🙂