IDEA #98 – Live Music Concert Tracking


I wrote this email to the founders of Tourfilter, but had never sent it. I’ve sent it now and thought I’d republish here. This was from a few months ago, so some of these may have been carried out. Also since then, some competition by LiveKick has come into play. was tackling this problem, but they seem to have disappeared.

I’m still a very frustrated individual that I miss-out on knowing about music concerts in my area. It’s a sincere pain point for me. I’m obsessed with music, particularly live shows, so if anyone is ever creating a website to solve this problem, shoot me an email and I’ll gladly give my thoughts.

Some suggestions to make Tourfilter the ultimate concert-awareness tool:

  • I hate having to input all my bands — why can’t I just tell you my username, you go to that page, scrape my rss feed, and give me a confirmation screen with little boxes next to each artist [just to ensure i’d even want to be notified about those artists — because sometimes i listen to stuff, but don’t like the band it turns out].
  • Ditto for — just input my username.
  • Recommended artists — based on what I listen to now, tell me about other concerts coming to my area that I might like because of my taste in other artists. [maybe pull this from Or future — when enough users use your service, it’ll recommend based on other user’s interests compared to yours].
  • Twitter integration — let me give my credentials, so you verify I’m that user — and then send me ‘direct messages’ when a new artist is coming to my town that I’d want to see. [This is for the super enthusiast that wants to really be in the know].
  • Affiliate links to stubhub and ticketmaster. Link to craigslist as a search in that city’s craigslist for that artist name. You appear to be using Stubhub, but I don’t think you’re using affiliate links so that you can earn money from referring users to buy tickets. [Are there API’s to show # of tickets/matches on each of these services?]
  • A concert/event page with simple discussion boards; let people post tickets for sale. Display some ebay links matching the artist’s name [for shirts, etc].
  • Widgets/badges — an artist could update their tour dates here, and then post it on their myspace page, etc. Allow easy distribution/access of the tour dates by other services [ilike, fb, myspace].
  • “I’m attending!” — let users claim that they are attending that concert. does this.
  • Encourage promoters to use the service and keep the concert info up-to-date — give them free ads; let them choose from templates and display/promote a concert.
  • Wiki for each event — people can update details of an event. Promoters can provide links to tickets; info on where/how to purchase tickets.
What else would be in your ultimate site for solving this problem?