IDEA #96 – Agent Intermediary between Celebrities & Web Startups


This idea sounds like a dream job if you’re a techie and looking for access to spend other people’s money 🙂

Manage getting celeb’s to work with various startups … ensure their name goes with a well-funded startup; negotiate equity percentage and take 15% of whatever the celeb gets, for yourself.  Walk them through the various services that you represent or are trying to work with. Educate the celeb and tell them why you feel they should be apart of a particular web startup.

Work with their legal to ensure they don’t violate any existing contracts of theirs.  Negotiate what they’ll have to do in order to get equity — maybe it’s right off the bat with additional % if milestones reached.

How can things be tracked to ensure proper credit given to the celeb’s influence?

Another idea: Bring multiple celebs together. Start a fund to fund startups and utilize their collective celeb influence. 

Pitch different startups to a room of celebs; or individually to the celebs to walk them through. If they like something, have them contact you — and you’ll let them know how they can get them. 

You become the visionary for these celebs — you help them get involved.

I bet Ashton Kutcher would like to be involved in something like this; he understands web startups a bit and could get some of his Hollywood peeps involved.