IDEA #94 – Dear WTF (aka “Dear Abby for Techies”)


I really like this idea and thought I was going to really move forward with it. But it’s amazing how such a simple idea can get involved (see my sitemap at bottom of this post). I still believe this idea has potential for a nice niche of users. I own the domain ‘’ (I released ‘’, the original name of this idea). I was going to use Pligg, but then it sounded like Drupal would be the better option. I see the digg/techie crowd jumping all over this — they like to bitch about shit, and that’s what this site would be all about.

This is a spoof on ‘Dear Abby’ and is for you to rant to the world on topics — could just be tech stuff; could be products, services, the customer service of Sprint, why there are so many ads on a certain website, why this, why that. Stuff you don’t agree with. Stuff that shows you’re smart and aware of bugs, glitches, etc.

Here’s an example and here’s another:

Dear WTF,

Why doesn’t Google Maps use a tinyurl service when they give you a directions/map link? I mean, could these URLs get any LONGER?!



The typical format should be: title, question/rant, possible solution, signature that includes or does not include a link to the poster’s website.

I’d see this similar to digg, in that users would ‘digg’ [agree] with ones that they feel are the best. Those would get voted up to the top and appear on the homepage of the site.

Bonus Idea: Allow people on Twitter to post these rants and use the ‘#dearwtf’ tag, we’ll find them and auto-post them to our site.

I’d worry about implementing the Twitter functionality until way after. Someone needs to pull a graphic designer and programmer together, and do this idea up. I know I’d use it if it was created properly.

My sitemap specs (click image to see full-size version):