IDEA #92 – Virtual BarCamp (meeting of tech minds)


A virtual BarCamp went down in 2006 where it was in real-time and people logged in, blah blah blah. This is not what I have in mind.

I want someone to create a simple website that likely taps into the YouTube API, and allows people to record 2-5minute videos on any topic they want, just like they would at a BarCamp. It allows others to learn what interests you, and you’ll likely make new techie friends. Plus you’ll learn from other’s presentations!

Visitors of the site can then easily browse through the videos in a random nature, or they could browse by category. [Maybe you just make it all random, as it would be at a real Barcamp — but maybe you show 4 thumbnails of the videos coming up, along with their titles]

Entrepreneurs could use this site to find possible startup partners. Employers could use this site to find applicants/employees. People could use this to find possible love relationships.