IDEA #9 Revisit: Online Videos Archived For Life


Liz Gannes of NewTeeVee (GigaOM network) has a great article bringing up the fact that online video widgets (embeds from YouTube for example) have some short-comings — the video sometimes disappears (whether it be copyright / licensing issues; or the user that posted the video pulls it down; etc).

The original concept of my “IDEA #9 – Pay-Per-Play Videos (PPPV): The YouTube Differentiator” was this very problem. I imagined an online video archive service that would always have the video available — even if it is old and/or not very popular at all. The person that wanted to view the video, would see a series of screencaps from within the video itself and choose whether they’d like to see the full video by either viewing ads in the video, or paying a micro-payment to view the video.

But maybe that’ll never be the case — YouTube seems like they would like to host your video for forever, as long as it is truly yours (and not breaking copyrights). Maybe I’m dreaming of this perfect world as well, in which every published content (video / audio / text) is available to be seen/heard again anytime in the future.