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IDEA #89 – Clouds in the Sky

Alright, I’ll admit — this idea is simple and possibly weak. It’s not even mine, it’s my buddy Bob’s idea.

How many cloud photographs exist? And have you ever looked at a cloud and saw something, and someone else saw something else? It might look like a cow, or a cat with a hat on, etc.

What about a site kind of like LOLCats that allows you to caption cloud photos? Or simply comment on them as to what you see.

Could be a fun, mindless site in a matter where you just keep clicking through each photo.

  • Scott T.

    Make it a game sort of like the google image tagging game, where people can score points. And then take the human-generated data and build a giant cloud-gazing AI. :)

  • Anthony Dimitre

    I like the idea. I just looked out the window and saw a hotdog…
    so….ya. Definitely do this.

  • Greg Bain II

    Not a bad idea. I used to lay out in the grass all the time and look at the clouds and see weird crap.

  • Darlanne

    lol@anthony. Actually this is a very cool idea Steve.

  • Guest

    wow this is really bad idea… do you really think ppl would spend hours of their life checking cloud pictures?

  • Jeremy Laurin

    Why not people spend hours of their life perusing Facebook and lolcats? I think this would be pretty cool, even better to get little kids involved in the picture captioning.

  • Justin Foley

    Honestly, yes. Yes I do.