IDEA #84 – Reskin The Web


I kind of like this idea. Imagine this — users install a plugin to their browser; then they can view various designs of a website. Other designers/users can post new designs of a website — basically reskinning websites. Users can then vote on the various designs and use whichever one they want whenever they visit that website.

This works very well if the website itself agreed to allowing this to happen — because then anytime their style sheet or classes were updated in their source code, the designers could easily know and make the appropriate changes. It basically would be standardized a bit — the CSS for a site, so that it was easy for designers to reskin their website.

The other thing is ads — I’m sure some skins would want to rearrange a website so that the ads didn’t appear anymore — that wouldn’t be good/nice, and likely the website owner would keep altering their CSS/tags to ensure those design skins didn’t work in our system.

Think of this as allowing people out there to turn the web into a giant MySpace, where you can change the design of any website/webpage out there — but as a browsing user, you see the default skin [which is how the website wants themselves conveys in the first place], but then you could choose from a drop-down of design options to see what other user’s interpretations are of that website.

Yes there might be some ‘hate’ skins — but who is really going to see those on a regular basis? If those users hate a site, then they likely aren’t going to be visiting it anyhow.