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IDEA #83 – Digg for Twitter!

Erick brings up the fact that there is too much noise with Twitter and FriendFeed — that there is way too much information to possibly consume it all. That’s basically what happened with news/articles on the web — and then along came Digg.

I think someone (could even be Digg) needs to create a browser plugin that will allow Twitter users to “thumbs up / down” someone’s tweet. Then we could basically have a Techmeme for Tweets, finally — because right now, people don’t link to each other’s tweets; we just laugh or nod in agreeance… alone!

The only problem with what I’m talking about is that this would just be for users browsing Twitter via the Twitter web feed — unless the various Twitter plugins were to enable this functionality as well.

Heck, maybe Twitter itself could create this technology — and then there’d be a new tab for each user profile that shows the most ‘dugg’ twitters done by your friends. Of course, then the spammers come into play — and start digging their own tweets — but users could “bury” tweets in this interface as well — and if a user keeps digging something that keeps getting buried, they’ll be punished [or be less influential].

  • Mike Doeff

    In some ways they already have this with the favorite (star) button. What they’re missing is the equivalent of a Digg front page where they show the most popular tweets from that day.

  • Joe Lazarus

    Twitter has a “favorites” feature that’s basically the same thing as a thumbs up. For example, here are Evan Williams favorite Twitter posts…

    All you would need to do is aggregate that data (which is accessible through their API) and present some interface that shows the most favorited posts.

  • Steven Finch

    Im not too sure about this idea. Normally you have some pretty good site ideas, but this one is a little crazy. Twitter is basically just a large chatroom, so why would someone want to use a Digg or stumbleupon system in a chatroom? They just wanna chat crap.