IDEA #83 – Digg for Twitter!


Erick brings up the fact that there is too much noise with Twitter and FriendFeed — that there is way too much information to possibly consume it all. That’s basically what happened with news/articles on the web — and then along came Digg.

I think someone (could even be Digg) needs to create a browser plugin that will allow Twitter users to “thumbs up / down” someone’s tweet. Then we could basically have a Techmeme for Tweets, finally — because right now, people don’t link to each other’s tweets; we just laugh or nod in agreeance… alone!

The only problem with what I’m talking about is that this would just be for users browsing Twitter via the Twitter web feed — unless the various Twitter plugins were to enable this functionality as well.

Heck, maybe Twitter itself could create this technology — and then there’d be a new tab for each user profile that shows the most ‘dugg’ twitters done by your friends. Of course, then the spammers come into play — and start digging their own tweets — but users could “bury” tweets in this interface as well — and if a user keeps digging something that keeps getting buried, they’ll be punished [or be less influential].