Idea #82 – FriendFeed the new Twitter? WTF.


OK, so I finally signed up for FriendFeed — and yes, it’s cool. I just feel like it’s been around. I mean, it has via different services already (MyBlogLog had this awhile back, but just never launched it; Plaxo has Pulse; SocialThing!; etc).

My question is — why haven’t any of you coders built this thing for Twitter? I should go to your website, input my usernames for these different services [flickr; youtube; etc] and then your service pulls/pings the RSS feeds for each, stores that info (even if temporarily), and then shoots it over to my Twitter account (because I give you my Twitter login/password).

The premise of Twitter is – “What are you doing now?”. If I just uploaded a photo to Flickr, then I’m doing that. If I add an item to my wishlist, then I’m doing that. When I favorite a song in Hype Machine, I’m listening to that song [and Hype Machine currently does send that to my Twitter account]. Etc…

Come on – someone knock this thing out in a night. I’ll play with it. The FriendFeed service doesn’t even need to exist; I feel it’s a redundancy on what Twitter should be.