IDEA #81 – iPhone Photo Plus [iPhone SDK application]

apple Ideas

The iPhone’s camera is pretty “blah”. I’d love to see an app on the iPhone that allows me to do a bit of a “zoom” [even if it is fake and just manipulating what I see], simple “cropping” (using the touch screen to zoom) in the photo gallery (because I may want to send an image direct from my phone w/o going to edit it on my computer), and simple ability to send a photo to my Flickr or Facebook accounts — as well as be posted/shared via Twitter. And ability to send/share via text (MMS) or email, to my friends.

Also, why can’t my iPhone’s camera record video? Seems like it could record video — and stream it live like Qik.

Couldn’t it also connect to my Flickr or Facebook photo accounts, so I could browse mini thumbnails and then click on one to view the full size photo — and possibly send that to a friend direct from my iPhone?