IDEA #77 – Social Search Engine (take on Google)


Another idea for NYC Startup Weekend this weekend…

The Idea: Social Search Engine [take on Google!] (fb app / browser plugin / toolbar)

The Concept: Take-on Google with a social search application. Users do a search using our Search Engine in Facebook [using Google Co-Op] and the user can specify if something was a good result or not for the keyword phrase they searched on. I think we could all figure something out.

Even if we can just reach the Firefox crowd to use us; or just the MySpace/Facebook crowd instead.

The Money: Google Co-Op and collecting revenues for click-thru’s. Future: Cut our own ad deal with Google to increase rev-share of the CPC ads — or use Looksmart or Yahoo or as default engine.

The Marketing: Viral via Facebook newsfeeds and such. “Steve Poland just rated a site regarding ‘NYC Mexican Restaurants'”

Questions: When someone does a search, they go to a webpage and typically don’t come back to the search engine then — unless the result was poor, then they click back button and click a different result. How do we encourage users to rate/comment websites/webpages for their specific queries. Focus on instilling the user’s minds that they are helping their friends’ future searches and all people in the network’s future searches. It’s like one big wiki-search for the web.

Competition: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and here’s a bunch more — 40 social search engines.

Why It Would Work: Because we’re 100+ strong, can think of something that’ll change the game, and can then be the underdogs that “took on Google in a weekend”.