IDEA #75 – Where I Hang Out (facebook app)


I’m submitting this in the pool of ideas for Startup Weekend NYC this coming weekend.

The Idea: Where I Hang Out (fb app)

The Concept: Users specify the bars/restaurants/coffee joints that they frequent. Thus I may say that last night I was at Hardware (bar/restaurant), 67 West (bar), and Level (bar/dance club). I might have several places added to my profile as places that I frequent. I could specify places I’m going to in future (like ‘Level’ this coming Friday night — and I’d see who else is going) or in past (last night I was at ’67 West’ and then I could see who else was there — and contact someone that I had seen or met there). Ability to see where all your friends have recently been or are going in future.

The Money: Ads on the pages in this Facebook app.

The Marketing: Viral via Facebook newsfeeds and such.

Questions: How do we initially populate bars/restaurants across the USA? Where do we get this list online?

Future: Ability for people (via wiki) to specify weekly/daily specials (drink/food). A ‘dating’ function that allows you to browse photos of other users that go to the bars/restaurants you go to regularly. Suggested other bars/restaurants that you may like based on people that go to the bars you already like, also go to. Happy Hours/dinners/lunches — ability to create events amongst your friends. SMS to specify where you are or going.

Competition: dodgeball was SMS pretty much. Anyone know of others? Any FB apps – yelp??

Why It Would Work: The goal is to help connect people offline, online. People also love to see where they’re friends have been or are going — there could be the ability to comment on each day at each restaurant/bar — “remember when that guy passed out” or “who was that girl in the black/white checker dress?”. In the user’s profile page, the profile box for this app will show recent places the user has been or are going; or might show the user’s favorite spots to hang.