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IDEA #72 – Digg for Facebook Photos

Not actually Digg, but a Facebook application like Digg, but for photos on Facebook. Facebook apparently has the most photos anywhere on the web — there should be a button under each allowing users viewing them to rate them (thumbs up/down; or rate 1-10; or click a ‘LOL’ vote to vote up the funniest pictures). Then the main page of the Facebook app would show the top rated (and funniest) photos of your friends; as well as the ones your friends voted top (which could be photos that don’t have your friends in them); as well as the top photos (funny and top rated) by the entire Facebook network.

Update: The widget on the user’s Profile page could show a random photo from their collection; or it could show thumbnails of the ones people have rated funniest, or top rated. Or it could show photos across Facebook that the user’s profile you’re viewing, has rated funniest or top rated.

Question: I know you can get access to photos via FB dev platform, but I’m not sure what restrictions/privacy there is — if any. I would think you could only view photos shared by your friends???

  • Inventoids Steve

    This is a nice idea, and one that an fb app should be able to take forward, rather than rely on core facebook function – I would have thought.
    Easily extended into an istockphoto killer too to generate some revenue.
    Hopefully it won’t take off too well though, I have no doubt that my photos would either be ignored or voted down as ‘stupid’ or ‘ugly’. Either way, my ego doesn’t need that.

  • Wayne Mulligan


    This would actually be a perfect fit for Hong over at HotorNot – they already do something similar with their Facebook app – all they’d need to do at that point is allow people to choose which photos they want rated. I don’t think they can put widgets directly into the FB photos app (just in case people aren’t aware, the current photo software on Facebook is just like a regular platform app, it can be removed and replaced with something else).

    Good idea.