IDEA #71 – User-Gen Opinionated Videos, Photos, or Text (Facebook App)


Alright, kinda of similar to this previous idea, but not completely.

QUESTIONS TO USERS – we want to extract original video (photo/text) content from our users, thus we want to give them “tasks” in a sense. Based on what we know about them, ask them related questions — such as “What is your favorite pizza joint in Buffalo?” or “Did you see Brokeback Mountain; if so, what did you think?” or “Will you go see Jurassic Park IV when it comes out? Why or why not?”.

For the newsfeed, we will also show recent video (photo/text) posts by friends, such as “Jennifer just posted a video for her favorite chinese food in Austin” or “Rick just posted a video about the movie ‘Swingers’” or “Julie just posted a video about the law firm – Crane, Poole, & Schmitt”.

Users can submit their own questions that they can send to their Facebook friends [viral].