IDEA #70 – Voting for Video Stars (Facebook App)


From this previous idea post.


Each day, a topic is chosen that users have 24-hours to create a video that incorporates the topic. For example, the topic might be “Altoids” – one user might create a 15-second video clip of Altoids dropping out of the tin canister and bouncing off a wooden floor; Or a female user might create a video that has Altoids lined-up on her body leading you on a trail to something provocative only to stop the video at that point.

Everyone submits their unique video during that 24-hour period. The following day (“Day 2”), there will be a new topic that people can create videos for (such as “Belly Button”), but also they can view all of the prior day’s video entries (in this example, the “Altoids” videos) and rate them. On Day 3, the winners are announced for the “Altoids” videos, as well as people can view/rate the video entries for the “Belly Button” topic, and a new topic is announced (such as “Basketball”).

1. Why this will work: People will be competing with each other to come up with the most original video based on the same topic that everyone else is using and for which everyone had the same amount of time to create a video (“level playing field”).

2. Why this will be so valuable: Imagine receiving 15,000 unique videos incorporating one of these topics such as Altoids. Imagine the power of walking into Coca-Cola and saying, “I can have 15,000 unique videos created within 24 hours that incorporates your brand and that will be viewed by 1 million users. In a total of 48 hours, I would have those same videos all rated/ranked by peers, so that you know which ones were rated/ranked the best by their peers.”


The daily theme works like this: On day A, they know the theme to create videos for that will appear on Day B. On Day B, they will be able to see everyone’s videos for that theme and then go through a “TV” type functionality where they don’t see the rating of the videos at all – not even on the following screen. They also don’t see who created the video. All they see is the video, a rating box, and a comment box. On Day C, all of the ratings for the videos are revealed.

1. On Day C, the top 10 theme videos for that contest appear on a page where you can view all the videos for that theme. (This section might be called “Daily Themes” or “Missions” or “Tasks” or “Daily Contest”).

2. Must be balanced and allow all videos to get votes, but as day progresses, start dwindling it down to videos that are getting the highest scores.

3. On Day C, allow users to see the videos they personally watched and voted on as little thumbnails on a page with the username, rating, and their rating of it. (For curiosity sake).