IDEA #69 – Get Users Pulling Info From Others (Facebook App)


Allow someone to be viewing the profile of someone’s page, and let them select a predefined question … such as “What are you wearing?”, “What are you doing?”, or “Show me something blue.”

Then a photo text message is sent to that user’s cell phone (by email) with the photo of the member and the question. [Or it’s sent via newsfeed or an invite]. The user can then reply to that email/txt (with video and/or photo and/or text) and the response is auto-posted to their profile page and privately messaged to the interacting user.

This starts to get people to pull information from others — and create tons of more content on the site, and more interactions among members.

There must be other ideas as to how you can get users to “pull” info from others — by asking questions, or suggesting things, etc. What ideas do you have?