IDEA #68 – Instructing Users to Collectively Participate (Facebook)


An app where we give people instructions to do things; we give them purpose to live each day. Maybe we change this “task” every 6 hours or something; or maybe it’s more frequently (or maybe there’s just always a big list of things we can task users to do). Some quick ideas of what we may tell a user to do:

What is the greatest thing in your city?
Photograph the 3 meals you eat today.
Take a photo in the tanning booth.
Who/where is your hair dresser?

Basically we create the largest community of new content and photos from people in all sorts of cities. Then we get others to comment on these photos, videos, or text write-ups.

We get to a point where we are instructing people and giving them purpose each day. “Everyone go on the subway or bus today, and photograph it. Submit here.”

We could do good things in the world as well — “Go out on your street and pickup 10 cigarette butts”.

Or we could do funny things, “Go out today in all black, to your local Starbucks, and at 1pm EST, starting singing ‘happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me'” or something like that. Those kind of funny things would eventually get press, and kids in Facebook would love participating.