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IDEA #67 – Desktop/Mobile IM Client for Facebook

Facebook Development API allows desktop apps to be created and has a code library for them. I’m surprised no one has created an Instant Messenging application (like AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc) that uses Facebook users — obviously your friends list, but also live chat rooms too.

There is supposedly a Facebook web app for IM, but all the user comments on it make it sound as though it doesn’t work.

You could also likely write a mobile app (iPhone, new wifi iPod, etc) that is a Facebook IM client.

  • Scott T.

    Sounds like a great candidate for an AIR app…

  • James D Kirk

    @Scott T: What’s an “AIR app”? TIA

  • Scott T.

    Adobe’s Integrated Runtime: aka Apollo. Uses html/javascript/css/Flash but runs on the desktop instead of the browser. Windows/Mac cross-platform.

  • Steve Poland
  • Arik

    Actually there’re already few Facebook/IM applications:
    1. SocialBox by Atrexis – a Facebook Application that lets you login to your IM account (Jabber/Gmail, ICQ, MSN, etc..) and also chat with Facebook friends that have installed this pplication.
    2. SoapBox Communicator – a social IM messenger. There’s also a version for integration with Facebook (
    3. Fuze by Mike Huntington – an AIR based IM applications. On the first posts about the beta version Mike stated that this meant to be the Facebook IM application, but in later posts he writes that Facebook support will be added in the PRO version.

  • Steve Poland
  • Anonymous

    this has been done by Facebook as of now, I believe, on the mobile side. On the desktop side, clients like Pidgin and Empathy support Facebook natively these days, if memory serves.