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IDEA #66 – Polls on Current News (Facebook App)

I imagine this Facebook app that is simply polls of real current news, associated with links to the news. Likely heavily focused on celebs, but could be categorized into sports, business/stocks, celebs, entertainment/tv/movies, music, etc. You could submit your own questions, which would then be scrutinized by a digg-like “duplicate poll question” filter, then would be added. Users in the network could flag the question as a dupe, or the question just happens — every question exists, but only certain ones become “hot”, or are basically asked of most people in the network — whereas other questions start circulating via people’s newsfeeds in Facebook.

This also gets people in tune with current news/events.

“Do you think R. Kelly will ever go to jail?” yes, no — or the submitter makes up his own answers. Users can also post their own comment (discussion!) on the news. Also a link to the news piece: .

Maybe this is too much like digg?

  • Ivan

    I never used facebook. So maybe a lame question, but is there a way to put ads into facebook apps? I mean does facebook policy allow it?
    Otherwise polls seem like a good idea to put on facebook. If asking the ‘right’ questions, people will gladly use them.
    Are you sure there isn’t such an app on facebook already?

  • Steve Poland

    FB allows ads — you end up hosting the app yourself, and it’s placed on FB in an iFRAME. Or you use their FBML language. See

  • Ivan

    I meant is it not against FB _POLICY_ to advertise inside 3rd party apps?
    Anyone know of such an app already running on facebook? Since if it is, then how is it doing, and why? If it isn’t I think it might work out.

    Anyone using facebook, and can chek there out?

  • Steve Poland

    Ivan, you need to sign up for a FB account. Then you need to read this article:

    Yes, plenty of advertising going on in 3rd party apps, and FB is fine with that. There’s already like 3 ad networks (lookery, etc) catering just to Facebook. The big score so far seems to be RockYou selling space to promote the installation of other apps — last I heard they were getting $20 per 1000 signups.

  • Ivan

    Just looked at facebook. There seem to be a few polling apps out there already, with very few users: 710 daily – is the maximum I found.
    Now they all enable a person to create his/her OWN poll… Specially crafted polls could get more interest, I suppose.

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