IDEA #66 – Polls on Current News (Facebook App)


I imagine this Facebook app that is simply polls of real current news, associated with links to the news. Likely heavily focused on celebs, but could be categorized into sports, business/stocks, celebs, entertainment/tv/movies, music, etc. You could submit your own questions, which would then be scrutinized by a digg-like “duplicate poll question” filter, then would be added. Users in the network could flag the question as a dupe, or the question just happens — every question exists, but only certain ones become “hot”, or are basically asked of most people in the network — whereas other questions start circulating via people’s newsfeeds in Facebook.

This also gets people in tune with current news/events.

“Do you think R. Kelly will ever go to jail?” yes, no — or the submitter makes up his own answers. Users can also post their own comment (discussion!) on the news. Also a link to the news piece: .

Maybe this is too much like digg?