IDEA #65 – Universal Login that verifies/ties your Digg, MySpace, FB, etc Accounts together


Another submission to Startup Weekend in Toronto…

Universal Login that verifies/ties your Digg, MySpace, Facebook, etc Accounts together
Contributor: Steve Poland

I know there’s OpenID, and quite frankly I don’t know enough about it. And not all websites are embracing it anyhow, so it’s not the solution at the moment. I think there should be a company that will tie all your various accounts together and just verify that for other websites (Rapleaf attempted this with eBay users, but eBay retaliated, considering eBay’s most important data is their community, users, and the ratings those users have built up) — so that all the websites can share data on a user, if the user allows them to. So I’m not talking about some website where “you’re going to see all your latest myspace/facebook/digg messages or blah blah blah”, but I’m simply talking about a website where you setup an account, then we’ll verify that your username on digg is spirkster, and your MySpace URL is, and your Facebook profile is, and your profile is, etc etc etc. We’d have an API, so that apps could tap into this and verify a user easily — and then apps could even open up various data of their own to other applications to incorporate on a user that the other app already verified.

Revenue: unsure; maybe our website has a webpage for each of our users and has some advertising on it? Maybe we try to become a MyBlogLog, but each site embeds a widget and it’ll display that user’s profile info for that specific app that they are on?

Any value in this idea?

Update: Is this what I’m talking about —