IDEA #64 – AuctionAds copycat using Affiliate Product DB or just’s Product DB


I’m submitting ideas to the Toronto Startup Weekend that I’ll be attending in 10 days and will post them here as well. I apologize for the post not looking that great, but I still have a lot more I want to post tonight.

AuctionAds dupe using products or all etailers products from LinkShare/Shareasale/CJ Product Data Feeds
Contributor: Steve Poland

Revenues come from affiliate commissions once higher levels are reached. AuctionAds provided a slick tool for displaying eBay auctions on user’s sites (not contextual, thus not conflicting with the TOS for Google AdSense). Users get paid the same as if they were an eBay affiliate direct, but AuctionAds is able to combine all earnings from everyone and collect higher percentages — thus they make like 2% on top of everyone’s sales in the network.
I’m proposing a dupe of AuctionAds, but based on the products of — and/or the products from all clients from affiliate networks LinkShare, Shareasale, and Commission Junction.

Another competitor doing something similar that hasn’t taken off (unsure why; need to research) – Primofeed.

Note: Linkshare product data feeds aren’t advertised on their website and costs $250. I have access to them, so I can provide the huge data files that list all the products from their clients. Linkshare has 300k products in their data feeds, Shareasale has about 1.8mm, and combined the products come from about 400 retailers. The data feeds combined are about 50 MB and include product title, description, URL to product images, category/subcategories that differ for every store, etc. Commission Junction also has data feeds that I have access to — and they definitely allow sub-affiliate IDs, which is necessary for this (I still have to verify that Linkshare and Shareasale allow sub-affil accounts) — as each user that signs up will be assigned a sub-affiliate ID. We’d pay monthly via PayPal and every user’s embed widget of products [from us] includes an affiliate link for themselves, which we’d then pay them like 2% of commissions that any new affiliates they bring into our network generate.

Note: This would have massive database requirements — so that we can quickly serve up widgets with advertised products from our database, to users of any website for associated keywords that the blog/site owner specifies. And we’d want to randomize the products we display to users, but also keep track of the products that are “hot” (high CTR). We may want/need to resize the product images and store them somewhere, but I don’t think we need to do that now — I don’t think AuctionAds does that. Eventually, we’ll build this, get Shoemoney involved, and sell to MediaWhiz. 😉