IDEA #63 – Become the next Michael Arrington


I really love this idea, but here it goes to the world. A tech news website where the community reports — people write posts (news, reviews, interviews), they are submitted, and then an editor (or a few) edits/publishes those posts that should be posted. Thus, the news is reported by the tech community. If you submit stuff that ultimately gets posted, your submissions get a higher rating on the back-end editor system — and you likely would continue getting posted more and more, because you’ve proven your quality.

BTW – You may have heard of Korean-based OhMyNews (mentioned in The Long Tail). They have like 50 editors now and 50,000 submissions (I don’t know how often) — and if your post is selected to be put on their homepage, you get paid $25. I’m not sure if they post every story and then just hand-select which ones get featured on the homepage — that’d be a good way of doing it too (so that every story is posted). Could even let the community ‘digg-style’ thumbs-up/down posts to help you as an editor.

How is this different from Techmeme? Techmeme figures out what news is hot, by seeing what tech bloggers are linking to and writing about the news — the focus of this website would be generating new news, reviews, and interviews.

Why would someone submit a post to this site, rather than their own blog? Power of the people. If your post is approved, you are given ad revenue from your post’s webpages (maybe your AdSense code for any AdSense ads on the page). The company (aka “me” in this example) retains ad revenue from the homepage and likely some consistent ads that display throughout the website on every webpage. If the site can get some quality writers, it’ll earn respect in the community, people will want to be recognized and thus submit, and more quality content will be published.

I question whether you could get the respect behind it like a TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, etc. And would people write articles for this website, rather than on their blog. In my opinion, this could focus on tech news / startup reviews / interviews and it could have editorials too, if someone wanted to contribute a piece that would typically be found on their own blog, but instead on this site. If it gained respect in the tech community, I think it’d get plenty of writers.

So who wants to try and become the next Michael Arrington?

P.S. You’ll need some insiders that’ll provide you tips in order to get some real stories and generate some real interest/heat/linking/respect.

If someone runs with this idea — think of me for an advisory seat (with a small % of equity). 😉 Or if you’re an Angel, ping me.

Here’s the original conversation with my buddy, colleague, and fellow mathlete from back in highschool… Eric — and this is a first, because he typically hates all of my ideas, but he actually told me this was a good one:

Steve: Go to
Steve: I want to create that for the tech community
Steve: rival TechCrunch, Mashable, etc
Steve: the community writes and submits the news to me, i edit/oversee.. and publish the good submissions..
Steve: then allow them to use their adsense account, they get full compensation on pages.. then i’m allowed a banner or two on pages for my big sponsors
Steve: also homepage is all my revenue
Eric: that’s a good idea
Steve: hold the phones
Steve: i have to sit down
Steve: wait, i’m sitting
Eric: hahaha… I didn’t say for *you* to go after it
Eric: but it’s a good idea, nonetheless