IDEA #6 – (a HotOrNot for interests — products, fads, movies, music, etc)


HotOrNot displays a photo of someone and asks you whether they are Hot Or Not. What if there was a similar type of site (, but instead of a photo of someone — it showed a topic or interest to you, and asked whether you like, love or hate it. The site would learn a lot about who you are. This could even turn into a dating site possibly — and you could discover your “neighbors”, which are people that have similar likes/dislikes as you do.

We show you various products and topics (Do you like to travel by air? LOVE. Do you like sports? LOVE. Football? LIKE. Hockey? HATE. Do you like fruit? LOVE. Do you like strawberries? LOVE. Do you like cantaloupe? HATE. Do you like to cook? LOVE. Do you like the IPOD? LOVE.)

People can also add a comment to any random question they answer [there’ll be a system on the back-end strategically asking them stuff in various order to distinguish/align people] … then people can take a widget and put it in their myspace / blog. This idea basically creates a social network somewhat. We’d use affiliate links on all products for some monetization, and by knowing what our users like/dislike (and aggregate data of the masses), we can promote certain products/services/advertisements to users that will result in high click-through.

A dating section has you do a hot or not of photos, but we show what interests bond you with the other person. You could also simply find friends this way [“i love the beatles and boyscouts” — and you’ll find similar people].

Do you remember Yub is/was a social network website owned by that never quite took off — but they allow you to add products/interests/fads to your profile.

Update: I would have another option where you tap into YouTube’s API and show a video to the user, have them rate it ‘like’, ‘love’, or ‘hate’. With all the aggregate ratings, you’ll be able to learn what that user likes and display things they’d likely love.