IDEA #6 additions – (adds user compatibility ratings; dating / event capabilities)


If you recall, this original idea (“a HotOrNot for interests”) was all about the creation of a very simple (on the front-end) website for users. As soon as the user comes to the website, they’d be asked a question and immediately start answering them — simple questions like, “Do you like peanut butter?” (like/love/hate) or “Do you enjoy reading books?” (like/love/hate) — then depending on these answers, we might dig a bit deeper into a topic. So if the user says they love to read books, we might ask — “Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction?”, etc.

idea6a-last-fm.gifThe addition: If you’re a member on the website, then you’re aware of the “music compatibility rating” that you have with other users of the website. Basically, you’re logged in and as you browse other user profiles, it will show you your music compatibility.

I propose we do something similar with my idea — everyone has a widget that they put on their MySpace page or blog, which says, “I have 481 interests” — a user can then click on that and view all of those interests. But more importantly, if you also have an account on, our widget will tell via a cookie on your computer who you are and then tell which user’s widget you are viewing. The widget can then tell you what your compatibility is with this user — and/or allow you to answer some more questions so that you can find out your compatibility with this user.

The widget might also say, “You’re single, she’s single, you two have high compatibility, and you live 43 miles away. Message her now.” So it turns into a bit of a dating widget / website.

Imagine also the possibility of events — I’m surfing blogs / MySpace pages, and can see on every user’s page/site if we’re going to the same events. It might tell me that I’m attending the same hockey game as this person — or same concert. Then I could initiate a message to the person. Every event could have a message board where you could also simply discuss the upcoming/past event.